Who We Are

HaShomer HaChadash is a Zionist organization focused on our collective obligation to the Land of Israel. In 2007 one young man in the Galilee stood up to aggressors from surrounding villages who for years had tried to exhaust his family into abandoning their land, barraging them with a constant stream of thefts, arson and vandalism. With his family on the verge of bankruptcy, the young man felt the need to act. Refusing to leave or bend to criminal pressure, Yoel Zilberman pitched a lookout tent on a hilltop, and, armed only with a flag of Israel and a passion for his homeland, stood watch, declared a Jewish presence and a claim to his land. Joined at first by friends, and then by strangers, Yoel succeeded in thwarting the aggressors and defending the land which had been in his family for generations. What began as a mission of one became a movement of thousands. Yoel Zilberman and On Rifman (from the Negev), co-founded HaShomer HaChadash realizing that their struggle was the struggle of so many farmers in the Galilee and the Negev. Thousands of acres of land, both historically and strategically significant to Israel, had already been abandoned, and thousands more were on the verge of abandonment by farmers and ranchers who could no longer withstand the infiltrators. Like the early Zionist pioneers who formed the original HaShomer to protect Jewish lands from attacks, Yoel rose to the cause, and HaShomer HaChadash was born. Less than a decade later, HaShomer HaChadash is now a leading Zionist movement of thousands of volunteers, empowering people of all ages to make a change in the physical and moral landscape of our homeland. HaShomer HaChadash is inspiring social change, creating leaders, and ensuring a better and safer tomorrow for all
the people of Israel.