Educational Programs for children and youth

L’Ovda V’Lshomra school missions

An agricultural and educational journey that connects 10th grade students to sustainable agriculture and strengthens their connection to society and our nation 

Youth Movement “The New Movement”

The biggest youth movement in rural areas, also active in cities. Consists of over 25,000 participants from 3rd-12th grades.

Adam V’Adama School Network

Hashomer’s agricultural boarding schools where students are educated on values of love of the land, leadership and Zionism.

Youth Volunteering “Ha-Frierim Family”

Our youth volunteers are a wonderful group of teens looking to spread good deeds, to connect to the land, and to help farmers.

Alexander Zaid Leadership Program

Annual leadership program for youth, strengthening the feeling of belonging, connecting with the land and the nation

Pre-Army Programs

Pre-Army Leadership Program on Watch-posts

Year-long gap-year program before enlistment. Life-changing, character-building and challenging. Participate work in agriculture, safeguard lands and study group-based Zionism.

Pre-Army Leadership Program “on Farms”

Year-long gap-year program before enlistment. The volunteers operate communal-farms with local children and youth and undergo a year that is filled with education and agricultural work.

HaShomer HaChadash’s Mechina

Connection to the land, agriculture, and to Jewish and Israeli identity combined with the love of the land and building a society with values.  

Army and National Service Programs

National Service

HaShomer HaChadash offers fulfilling national service opportunities, integrating and leading agricultural and educational missions nationwide

HaShomer’s Nahal brigade track

Long term track which begins with HaShomer’s gap-year program, continues to IDF service in the Nahal brigade and ends with participants taking on agricultural and communal missions in nationally prioritized regions  

Post-Army Programs

People of the Land

Hashomer HaChadash’s labor placement company which connects labor to farmers and offers work, boarding, and communal living. 

Keepers of the Forest

Hashomer HaChadash and Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael (KKL-JNF) combined forces to offer young adults employment opportunites in KKL’S forests and nature reserves throughout Israel.  

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